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B.B. King’s Bluesville “I’m Going To Copyright Your Kisses” at #12 on Picks to Click

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On XM Radio B.B King’s Bluesville, ”I’m Going to Copyright Your Kisses” moves up to #12 on “Picks to Click” for the week of July 26th.  Hey, now that’s exciting! You can see the full list at World of Blues.

This song is from my debut release “Alone Together With the Blues” and is one of three songs playing from the album on B.B. King’s Bluesville. “In The Dark” and “When I’ve Been Drinkin” are the other tunes featured on XM.  Keep the record moving up on “Picks to Click” to number one, e-mail in your comments and requests for “I’m Going To Copyright Your Kisses” to bluesville@xmradio.com . Or you can call Bluesville toll free at: 866.267.0454

Alone Together With the Blues on XM Radio

Mia’s CD, Alone Together With the Blues can now be heard on B.B. King’s Bluesville program on XM Radio. Sometime in the coming weeks, listen for an undisclosed track to be featured in the show’s list of 15 “Picks to Click.” The Picks to Click are previewed every Monday on the Rack of Blues show from 9 AM to 10 AM Pacific time.

Bluesville is currently playing several tracks from the album, ‘In The Dark’, ‘When I’ve Been Drinkin’, and ‘I’m Going To Copyright Your Kisses’. Thanks again to the fans and B.B. King’s Bluesville! You can phone in, or email feedback & requests! The number is 866.267.0454 (toll free) or email bluesville@xmradio.com.