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Video From a Recent Concert At the Tim Noah Thumbnail Theater

ThumbnailThis month I played a concert at a fabulous venue – the Tim Noah Thumbnail Theater in Snohomish, Washington. I performed with a great percussionist named Jason Edwards. We had a great experience at the theater. The audience was so generous and engaged. Tim and Cindy have put together a great “home for the performing arts…”

If you want to read more about the Thumbnail Theater CLICK HERE.

The show was recorded. I got a copy of the first video the other day. So, of course, I wanted to share it as soon as I could!! Please enjoy and check it out. The sound is pretty great… — feeling wonderful.

News About My Upcoming New Release

Mia Vermillion

Hi fans, friends and family. I have the title of my upcoming 2014 release! “Love Me” A 5 song set EP… beautifully recorded!

I”m still progressing in studio and it is sounding great! I will be launching a Kick Starter campaign to help publish, print and promote it. Please look for that link and postings to come…stay tuned! Formulating ideas.. stay tuned!

Radio Interview on BigBlend Radio’s “Rants, Raves & Rock”

A few months ago, I was on BigBlend Radio’s “Rants, Raves & Rock” internet radio show show with Nancy Reid & Lisa Smith – publishers of, and guest co-host The David “Bully” Bowers.t was a blast! Wanted to share if oyu didn’t get a chance to listen in…

Oh, Lucky Me! Foot Surgery… and [sigh], non weight bearing recovery.

Orthopedic Surgery on My Foot Oct. 23rd. That dang navicular bone in my foot just wouldn’t fix it’s self this summer!

I wanted to let you know about having to lay out for a few months. If you look close at the picture above you’ll see my foot in a boot. Six months ago I broke the navicular bone in my right foot [pictured below]. I’ve not been in pain since the intial break, but this is tricky bone to heal.

I’ve been through everything over the course of this summer to repair it but to no avail. Time has come to have surgery. I will have screws put in to stich the bone back together. I’m required to stay completely off my foot for 3 entire months! No driving! Imparticular, recovery will include taking time off from performances for three months! Suck! But after the intial non weight bearing period is over, I will start rehab and then back to work ASAP!

For those first 3 months off my foot recovering, I’ll be staying engaged via online visiting with friends, Facebook, and writing and developing a singing workshop. I hope to God, Todd doesn’t tire of taking me for drives. …and that my Skype account works great. Would love to hear from you during this time. Stay in touch on FB, twitter and the like. Say a little prayer for me please for a fast and full recovery.

All my best,


Duo with guest Kevin Sutton at the Jazz At The Library Series


Sunday, October 14th @ 2pm – Mia will be performing as a duo with guest Kevin Sutton at the Jazz At The Library series in Anacortes, Washington. Check Mia’s calendar for more details…

I have been enjoying sitting down with Kevin and playing my guitar with him. He is such an easy going guy and so talented. We are experimenting and playing together in this setting at the Library to give us an opportunity to try out a burgeoning sound between the two of us. Take care, Mia

2012 Willamette Valley Blues and Brew Festival


I’m writing this as we drive down Interstate 5 headed to Oregon. No, I’m not driving! We’re headed to the Willamette Valley Blues and Brews Festival in Springfield. I’ve never been there before and am excited to perform because the festival is also a fundraiser for a cause that is near and dear to my heart – Habitat for Humanity.


A few years ago I was part of a women’s build with Habitat. It was an all female build, from the fundraising, to the framing, to the final move in. The end result was an affordable home for a wonderful person who was a single mother and her children. Here’s a link to an article that was written about it -> Click Here

An awesome thing about habitat homes, is that the owner shares in the work, “sweat equity”, to build the home.

imageIn just three years, the Willamette Valley Blues and Brews Festival has contributed over $45,000 to further the Springfield/Eugene Habitat’s mission. S/E Habitat for Humanity recently completed its 47th home, and a deserving

partner family received the keys to their new home after putting in much hard work and over 400 hours of sweat equity. With everyone’s help, they plan to double ethe number of families they serve in just three short years. By supporting the WVBBF, we are helping us reach their goal.

So, that’s what I’m up to this weekend. If you’re at the festival this weekend, please say hello!

My Life Right Now – Thoughts

The Mona Mia

Writing a blog post as an artist for me is about writing life, my life. At the same time, it feels strange populating the page publicly with my thoughts. It can sometimes feel like it is not a valid use of time. But, I know this is not the truth. I’m grateful there are those of you out there interested in what I’m doing and care about myself and my work.

Over the last 2 months I have been exercising and reading. I have felt tenuous and I’m assimilating new information for my mind and body. The type of books I’ve read are mostly relationship guides for better understanding, mine – how I can live relationships better and move on – and caring for one’s physical well-being. It seems the last few years for me have been navigated as gingerly as adolescence. It’s called personal work and has been a focus of mine. I’ve activated my gym membership finally to “active member”. *smile*

To create and write music consistently during this intense personal period has been difficult. Many areas of my life have demanded more of my attention. However, in the area of music and profession, live performance has been rewarding and busy for me. I’ve had plenty of enjoyment with the live energy of performance and being with people who love it. It’s a high and life giving.

The actual sensation of feeling inspiration has in itself encouraged me. I would love to report that my next album is almost done, but it is not. Yet I do have lots of work in the midst of returning inspiration. And that, my dears, feels very good to me.

I’ve reached across the 50 year mark of my life and many changes have taken place physically, mentally and socially. I’m happy to be alive and in good health. I’m looking towards the next step in my professional endeavors and personal growth, which is the will to act on my desires. I feel positive about my personal work and for the potential I’m creating for more in all areas of my life. And this, my friends, are my thoughts about life at this time. I hope you found this post interesting and enlightening as well.

Best, Mia


Highway 99 Blues Club & Pictures by Ilona Berzups

Mia and the band at Highway 99 in Seattle
In December,  I performed in Seattle, Washington at the Highway 99 Blues club. It’s the first time I’ve played there with the band. We had a great time. Especially since it was a pre-Christmas party!!

The crowd was great. And, I was very fortunate to have another kind of artist in the audience who came to watch the show. Ilona Berzups, an amazing professional photographer in Seattle, was there.  Although she came for the music, she also took some wonderful pictures and I had to share them here on my blog.

To see the whole set of picture you can CLICK HERE.

Ilona’s work includes themes of people, industry, nature, transportation, architecture and more.  She does fabulous work. Definitely check her work out. Thank you Ilona!!

Well on to the next project…  If you want to see what I’m up to in February, you can CLICK HERE.

Recent Radio Interview on KINK 101.9 FM – Portland, Oregon

KINK FM Radio Interview
On October 30th 2011, I had the opportunity to chat with host Bob Ancheta on the  Sunday Night Blues Room show on KINK FM out of Portland, Oregon.  Bob has a great blues show on Sunday nights in what I think is one of the most awesome music cities around.

I’m posting a copy of the show here on my blog so you have a chance to listen if you missed it!

Click on the link below to listen…

Mia Vermillion Interview on The Sunday Night Blues Room with Bob Ancheta – KINK 101.9 FM


A Surprising Little Weekend In Wenatchee, WA

It’s mid September and the weekends are slowing down. Somewhat spontaneously my man proposes a road trip to Wenatchee, WA. I’m all for it. I crave road trips and he knows it. I’m all for getting out of town for a few days with my husband.

It’s late Friday evening and all is well. I pack a small bag. He is packed and we head out. Todd (my guy) takes the lead and we drive for 3 1/2 hours. It’s a great start and we are having fun. By the time it’s midnight we pull into Wenatchee. The bell tolls and we check in to our hotel and stay in bed until 11:00 am the next day. A good road trip always does me wonders. Now, it feels good to rest and lounge for as long as I can but certainly leaving the hotel room to explore is part of the plan.

The need you get to eat gives Todd and I plenty of motivation to step outside the room and explore the street below.  And as it happens, for our Saturday in this eastern Washington town with it’s agricultural slant, an “End of Harvest” festival is in process. We are greeted by a cool little celebration among fruit and vegetables stands smack in the middle of the main street. A battle of the bands competition is under way as well as a wine tasting event and many arts and craft tents! There is plenty to sample and do once we get out traversing. The festival is delightful and stretches about four blocks out. Such is the character of Eastern Washington for me.

The festivities boast a robust farmers market. I must tell you the veggies and fruit were big, beautiful and low cost. I stock up on heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, winter white nectarines and a few other bountiful juicy fruits of the harvest season. The farmers I come across are a kick. I asked one how big his farm is and he replies, “big enough.”I may have hit a nerve.

From his reaction, I gather it ain’t ok to ask farmers, grape growers and  the like: how big is your patch of dirt? The region is known for its produce and orchards and in the past ten years for its vineyards and wines. I was just a little too curious I guess. The crafts and store fronts in and along the street are quaint and honest, rather regionally sincere… regular folks with works of creativity. It all feels and looks good, but nothing catches my attention like the fruit and vegetables.

The best surprise of my day after the farmers market is how good the music in the battle of the bands competition turns out to be. I meet a group of young fellows who are very educated musicians and seasoned performers. The group, lead by Steev Turner, wins runner up in the competition but I believe they should take it home. Perhaps because these young guys have grown up in the area they are to local for the judges to hear their music straight anymore.  I find out at one time all the guys had gone to high school together in the little town of Cashmere, WA right next to Wenatchee.

In talking a bit with Turner, he tells me he is thinking of heading back to school for a master degree in composition. The core of his group is made up of two brothers and himself. They have been playing together a long time now.  The music is very hip, tight and sophisticated with its blend and layering of rhythm and sound. Turner plays a very good vibraphone and is a graduate of the University of Idaho’s Lionel Hampton School of Jazz. I was a student in that program once myself. I gather his contact information and hope to stay in touch. This group has the whole Rasta hair and irreverence thing working for them too.

Later after our day of kicking it around the festival, eating a fat Gyro and drinking several small sips of varied red wines, I enjoy a hot tub outside. The night is gentle and the wind is light. The next day -Sunday- is lovely and slow. We take our time heading home, deciding to stop on the Wenatchee River in a town 10 miles west of our weekend called, Leavenworth. After that the rest of the trip is just the drive back with no surprises.

My cravings and desires fulfilled, my weekend road trip was a joyful unforeseen delight of the senses. I thought it was to be an idle little weekend for us  sitting around and enjoy the sun. And that could have been enough but it turned out to have included more. How fun to find the best of Wenatchee and just go with it. I posted a few photos of our adventure below.