New Single “Love Me” To Be Released

Sending out a CD, a pre release – a new single “Love Me” my cover by Joe McCoy.. to KRVM FM – 91.9 FM Eugene, OR Steve Spoulos gets a special first print and my own hand at creating the jewel case for it. I do have a degree in multi-media and I decided to put it to use! It’s sounds real goooood and hopefully looks great too. I”m done with my 4 song set EP but will be releasing the EP as soon as I get a great team together to help me publish, distribute and release, get it heard on all levels. Cuz it deserves it.

Alligator Records To Release Nine Digital-Only “Best-Of” Collections

“… nine digital-only best-of collections from some of the label’s top artists over the course of its 43-year history.”   Remastered by Bruce Iglauer.

A new friend and acquaintance of mine, Coco Montoya, is included on the new release by Alligator Records. 

How I know Coco… he contacted me via LinkedIn of all places and endorsed my music as Original. Now that’s a complement! I responded back and let him know I really appreciated the endorsement. I’m a fan of his guitar playing and music.  I have been able to keep in touch via occasionally when he is coming to my town for a concert. After the show we talk music and family and such. The most important of topics for both of us. It’s a nice connection for me. I appreciate his belief in my talent that it is enough he has wanted to find out who I’am.

Video From a Recent Concert At the Tim Noah Thumbnail Theater


This month I played a concert at a fabulous venue – the Tim Noah Thumbnail Theater in Snohomish, Washington. I performed with a great percussionist named Jason Edwards. We had a great experience at the theater. The audience was so generous and engaged. Tim and Cindy have put together a great “home for the performing arts…”

If you want to read more about the Thumbnail Theater CLICK HERE.

The show was recorded. I got a copy of the first video the other day. So, of course, I wanted to share it as soon as I could!! Please enjoy and check it out. The sound is pretty great… — feeling wonderful.

News About My Upcoming New Release

Mia Vermillion

Hi fans, friends and family. I have the title of my upcoming 2014 release! “Love Me” A 5 song set EP… beautifully recorded!

I”m still progressing in studio and it is sounding great! I will be launching a Kick Starter campaign to help publish, print and promote it. Please look for that link and postings to come…stay tuned! Formulating ideas.. stay tuned!

Oh, Lucky Me! Foot Surgery… and [sigh], non weight bearing recovery.

Orthopedic Surgery on My Foot Oct. 23rd. That dang navicular bone in my foot just wouldn’t fix it’s self this summer!

I wanted to let you know about having to lay out for a few months. If you look close at the picture above you’ll see my foot in a boot. Six months ago I broke the navicular bone in my right foot [pictured below]. I’ve not been in pain since the intial break, but this is tricky bone to heal.

I’ve been through everything over the course of this summer to repair it but to no avail. Time has come to have surgery. I will have screws put in to stich the bone back together. I’m required to stay completely off my foot for 3 entire months! No driving! Imparticular, recovery will include taking time off from performances for three months! Suck! But after the intial non weight bearing period is over, I will start rehab and then back to work ASAP!

For those first 3 months off my foot recovering, I’ll be staying engaged via online visiting with friends, Facebook, and writing and developing a singing workshop. I hope to God, Todd doesn’t tire of taking me for drives. …and that my Skype account works great. Would love to hear from you during this time. Stay in touch on FB, twitter and the like. Say a little prayer for me please for a fast and full recovery.

All my best,


Duo with guest Kevin Sutton at the Jazz At The Library Series


Sunday, October 14th @ 2pm – Mia will be performing as a duo with guest Kevin Sutton at the Jazz At The Library series in Anacortes, Washington. Check Mia’s calendar for more details…

I have been enjoying sitting down with Kevin and playing my guitar with him. He is such an easy going guy and so talented. We are experimenting and playing together in this setting at the Library to give us an opportunity to try out a burgeoning sound between the two of us. Take care, Mia

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