My Life Right Now – Thoughts

The Mona Mia

Writing a blog post as an artist for me is about writing life, my life. At the same time, it feels strange populating the page publicly with my thoughts. It can sometimes feel like it is not a valid use of time. But, I know this is not the truth. I’m grateful there are those of you out there interested in what I’m doing and care about myself and my work.

Over the last 2 months I have been exercising and reading. I have felt tenuous and I’m assimilating new information for my mind and body. The type of books I’ve read are mostly relationship guides for better understanding, mine – how I can live relationships better and move on – and caring for one’s physical well-being. It seems the last few years for me have been navigated as gingerly as adolescence. It’s called personal work and has been a focus of mine. I’ve activated my gym membership finally to “active member”. *smile*

To create and write music consistently during this intense personal period has been difficult. Many areas of my life have demanded more of my attention. However, in the area of music and profession, live performance has been rewarding and busy for me. I’ve had plenty of enjoyment with the live energy of performance and being with people who love it. It’s a high and life giving.

The actual sensation of feeling inspiration has in itself encouraged me. I would love to report that my next album is almost done, but it is not. Yet I do have lots of work in the midst of returning inspiration. And that, my dears, feels very good to me.

I’ve reached across the 50 year mark of my life and many changes have taken place physically, mentally and socially. I’m happy to be alive and in good health. I’m looking towards the next step in my professional endeavors and personal growth, which is the will to act on my desires. I feel positive about my personal work and for the potential I’m creating for more in all areas of my life. And this, my friends, are my thoughts about life at this time. I hope you found this post interesting and enlightening as well.

Best, Mia


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